Our mission is to provide natural products, to educate, and promote entrepreneurship while empowering people to reach their goals.

Hi everyone! I am Brenda Deming, the CEO of GeoBlends. I fell in love with all-natural products in 2010 when I tried an amazing herbal balm that helped me get rid of an annoying headache – too bad there isn’t a balm to turn back time! Anyway, anything that could help me with a problem like that, needed to be looked into more!

How could something herbal be so amazing? Well, my friends, it turns out that before “tension headache” was even a term, people were using herbs for thousands of years to help them feel better naturally. I looked into essential oils, herbs, and aromatherapy techniques and learned that living a more chemical-free life can have long term effects on your skin and body! Since I love life, I liked the sound of living a better life without the side effects of harsh ingredients that I had been using in my daily life.

I joined MOBU Herbals, a direct sales company that isn’t around anymore, and fell in love with the products and loved the relationships that I had formed. I didn’t want to join because I didn’t want to be as annoying as some of my cohorts, but I learned to do direct sales without bugging everyone to party with me or buy! GeoBlends has a few policies built-in so we aren’t the annoying type…


With direct sales, I had a reason to get out of the house. Seriously, my couch and I were best friends and I needed a reason to feel motivated to get out that door! Direct sales helped me get out of the house more and I was able to help my husband pay more bills as a result! He kinda liked that perk. I’m not going to lie, it wasn’t easy money! I had to be determined, consistent, and motivated, even when I felt like I was being kicked in the pants! I had to build relationships, and I had to work with a mindset like I had a brick and mortar business, but fortunately had fewer hours! Now that I am the boss – I get to teach people my methods, but the fun part is – since they are bosses too, they can take the pieces of training they want and run their business their own way. No one has to listen to me – and you know what, I don’t mind! I’m kinda used to it anyway since I have a three-year-old.

I was able to combine my love for direct sales, my love for helping people, and my love for natural products into one passion and call it GeoBlends.

I invite you to come along on the GeoBlends journey – as a customer, as a follower, as an Ambassador, or just as a lurker.

Our Values


Our motto is from my family to yours for a reason! Family is everything, whether it is the one you are born into or the one you make. The reason we are in this is to make our families lives better and yours!


We believe in encouraging our Ambassadors to fulfill their dreams and reach their goals. We believing in encouraging our customers and the public to use chemical-free products that will help them in their daily lives.


In our business, determination is essential to reach our goals! Determination is such an essential part of direct sales from learning, to sharing, to deciding to be consistent in whatever we do. 


We are committed to offering you the best product, to educate through our blog, and to deliver our entrepreneurs the training they need to change their lives.


We believe that every person should have the freedom to choose how they spend their time and how they live their lives.  With GeoBlends, our entrepreneurs can make the choice of how much they want to make with the right motivation and the freedom to choose what dreams they want to fulfill.