The Best Lotion Bar for Dry Skin

If you suffer from dry skin, it can be hard to find the right lotion to alleviate the signs of uncomfortable cracked heels and stubborn dry patches of skin that return time after time. Here are just a few reasons why the new GeoBlends lotion stick should be your go to must-have when it comes […]

Softer, Smoother Lips

When it comes to keeping our lips looking and feeling plump and luscious, nothing spoils things quite like chapped lips, which can not only look unsightly but also leave lips feeling cracked and painful too. Here are two top tips for making sure you always have softer, smoother lips, no matter the season.     […]

The Two Best Beard Oils

When it comes to keeping your beard looking and smelling great, beard oil should be an essential part of every man’s self-care routine. Here are some reasons why using beard oil is so essential, and the two best beard oils to try out! Why Use a Beard Oil? With a beard becoming an increasingly popular […]

The Benefits of Activated Charcoal

When it comes to soap ingredients that are great for your skin, activated charcoal might not have been first on your list! But do not be fooled, this magical ingredient has plenty of skin soothing properties and benefits, making it the new must-have product to add to your skincare routine. Here are a few of […]

Introducing our Sulfate Free Shampoo Bars

When it comes to effective hair care that keeps your locks happy and healthy, using a sulfate-free shampoo bar is critical. A solid shampoo bar lasts for longer, but it’s sulfate-free ingredients gently clean your hair without stripping it of all the natural oils your scalp needs to maintain shiny, lustrous hair. Here are a […]

Five CBD Myths

When it comes to CBD products, otherwise known as cannabidiol, there are several misconceptions as to what this alternative remedy is and how it can help reduce stress, anxiety, and relieve pain along with a host of other ailments. Here are five of the most common myths surrounding CBD. Myth – You Can Get High […]

Five Tips to Blast Away Your Headache

A sudden tension headache or migraine attack can appear from nowhere and ruin your day. Whether you are regularly prone to tension headaches or experience this kind of pain as a result of daily stressors, here are five top tips to blast away your headache and bring instant relief naturally.   Stay Hydrated Not drinking enough […]

Best Herbs And Spices To Boost Your Metabolism

It is always useful to get a helping hand from Mother Nature when it comes to staying active and healthy. Here are some of the best herbs and spices to try to boost your metabolism and help you to reach your health and fitness goals faster.  Oregano A delicious herb that grows all year round, […]

Five Summer Family Activities

Although summer 2020 may be looking a little different from what we had all expected, there are still plenty of ways to entertain your children and create fun activities during these summer months. Here are five summertime activities you can do with children, even with the COVID-19 restrictions in place. Get Crafty The lockdown restrictions […]

Introducing our Body Butter of the Month Club

If you want your skin to stay smooth and supple the natural way, then we have the perfect mailbox treat. GeoBlends is introducing our Body Butter of the Month Club! This monthly club helps you to save money on all your favorite GeoBlends Body Butters, shipping out a different scented Body Butter automatically each month […]