5 Tips to Extend the Shelf Life of Health and Beauty Products

When it comes to our health and beauty products, we want to extend their shelf life for as long as possible. Here are five tips to try to extend the shelf life of your products. Keep Things Clean It is essential to pay attention to cleanliness when looking to preserve the shelf life of a […]

The Top 5 Best Natural Pain Relieving Ingredients

When it comes to pain relief, we all want a quick fix to help us feel better, faster. But a fast-acting pain-relieving solution doesn’t necessarily need to mean something pharmaceutical. There are plenty of natural ingredients that can also offer targeted, on the spot pain relief too. Here are the top five ingredients to look […]

The 26-Second Rule

When it comes to choosing skincare, along with health and beauty products, many of us are too captivated by a brand name or too busy being enamoured by the aesthetics of appealing packaging to remember the 26 second rule. But what is this rule, and why is it so important? Here is all you need […]

One Habit to Instantly Improve Your Mood

Want to know one habit that could instantly improve your mood and make you feel and look better? It’s smiling! Don’t believe me? Then take a look at the science behind smiling and some of its many benefits and see how something as simple as smiling more often could have a significant positive impact on […]

How to Instantly Improve Your Nails

Now and then, we spend tons of money on self-grooming and self-care. People often buy expensive makeup, skincare products, jewelry, and clothes to look younger, smarter, and better. However, when we talk about personal care, nails are the last thing that crosses our minds. Although taking care of nails is as important as taking care […]

The One Thing You Need to Know About Great Hair

When it comes to our hair, we all want to keep our mane looking shiny, lustrous and free from dryness, split ends and damage. But how can you maintain great hair? Here is the one thing you need to know!   The key to great hair? It’s all about nourishment, inside and outside!   Just […]

5 Tricks To Avoid Being Grumpy

No matter the cause, we all feel a little grumpy from time to time. Whether it is money worries, work stresses, or relationship ups and downs, it can be easy to fall into the trap of feeling blue and letting life’s inevitable ebbs and flows get you down. Here are five easy tricks to help […]

The Real Truth about Phthalates and Sulfates

When it comes to our beauty products, many of us are pretty clueless about what is actually on the ingredients label of the creams and lotions we use everyday. Chances are, it is likely that your bathroom cabinet or shower are hiding at least one or two chemical components that you may not actually know […]

5 Things You Need to Know About Stress

We all feel stressed from time to time, but how much do you know about stress and its long term effects? Here are five things you need to know. A Certain Level of Stress is Unavoidable Although we may work hard to establish a consistent self-care routine and try and create a work/life balance, ultimately, […]

Talk It Out Tuesday – 2/25/2020

To Sum it Up! I am EXCITED! I think you will hear that word at least 10 times. Click to hear the recording.   Compensation Change The Compensation Plan had to change for the longevity of GeoBlends. I really appreciate you and want this to be around as long as direct sales is around. With […]