Herbal Blends

GeoBlends offers herbal blends to provide you the best quality products to help you live each day to the fullest. Herbal blends are created using different parts of the herb, including the flower, root, and leaf from different herbs, The herbs are carefully measured then a carrier oil is added to the mix. The oil takes on the properties of each herb after several days to a few weeks. The herbs are then strained leaving a strong oil to deliver the best of the herbs for you to absorb through your skin. This is often referred to as a Herbal Oil Infusion.

The blends are brought to you in the form of balms. 

All products are carefully crafted to bring you the best quality without compromising. 

Why Choose GeoBlends?

We offer products to help with lower back pain, temporary anxiety, getting more sleep, tension, headaches, and more!



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