When it comes to choosing skincare, along with health and beauty products, many of us are too captivated by a brand name or too busy being enamoured by the aesthetics of appealing packaging to remember the 26 second rule. But what is this rule, and why is it so important? Here is all you need to know.

What is the 26 Second Rule?

When we apply products to our skin, believe it or not, the product ingredients (including any chemical ones!) will be absorbed into our skin in the staggeringly short time of just 26 seconds. This means that whatever beauty brand you are using, it is vital to remember that all the ingredients they are using will not only end up on your skin, but be absorbed by your body as well. Our skin is the body’s largest organ, and an astonishing 60% of every product, lotion or cream you put onto your skin could find its way into your bloodstream.

Should I Worry About the 26 Second Rule?

Whilst there is no need to worry about the 26 second rule in isolation, it does present a good opportunity to examine the products you use everyday and assess if everything contained on the ingredient label is something you would want to end up in your body. Many big name beauty brands still use chemicals, such as parabens and sulfates. Yes, these can give a pleasing product texture and add a pleasurably soapy consistency, but would you really want these chemical compounds to be absorbed back into your body as a result? Probably not. While the 26 second rule may sound alarmist, it is rather the perfect opportunity to take the time to educate yourself further about what skin and haircare you are using and if those fancy bottles with the unpronounceable ingredients are really a good idea.

How Can the 26 Second Rule Affect the Body?

As the 26 second rule means whatever is coming into contact with your skin is being almost immediately absorbed by it, this can have a number of consequences. Not only are these chemical ingredients bad for your body long term and have been shown in scientific studies to promote and exacerbate certain conditions and cancers, the 26 second rule can also cause more immediate and unpleasant side effects too. These can include irritation, where the body reacts instantly to the foreign ingredient with an allergic reaction, causing itching, pain and often hives or a rash. Not only can this look unsightly, it can also be very painful and uncomfortable too. Different areas of the body can have different absorption rates, with the skin on the face being especially sensitive, so pay extra care and attention when selecting any products that will be applied to your face.

What Products Should I Use When Considering the 26 Second Rule?

When it comes to considering what product ingredients will end up in your body as a result of your beauty routine, it is a good idea to stick to all natural brands. Natural brands that use herbal ingredients and take their inspiration from nature are less likely to leave behind unwanted chemicals and other nasty compounds that are simply not good for you. Brands such as GeoBlends are great for this, offering a wide range of health and wellbeing balms, lotions and creams that are all made with essential oils and herbal blends, created from years of expert research and experience. Their MOBU herbal technology means you can alleviate aches and pains, feel and look better without having to worry that any nasty toxic ingredients are being left lurking behind. Available in a range of formulations, from balms and creams to bath salts and roll on oils, these easy to absorb products are designed to follow the 26 second rule in the best way possible – providing quick absorption and fast acting relief that helps to rebalance the body, soothe tired muscles, ease pain and promote overall better health and wellbeing.

When it comes to selecting beauty, health and wellness products, it is important to check the label first. Opting for natural, herbal skin care will help to prevent unwanted chemical compounds being absorbed and lessen the likelihood of unpleasant irritations. If you do not know what an ingredient is on the label, it is probably best to steer clear of this product altogether. Always keep in mind that 26 seconds spent reading the ingredients list is the same length of time it takes for those elements to end up in your body too.

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