To Sum it Up! I am EXCITED! I think you will hear that word at least 10 times.

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Compensation Change

The Compensation Plan had to change for the longevity of GeoBlends. I really appreciate you and want this to be around as long as direct sales is around. With the compensation plan that will be ending on March 21, that would not have been possible. Janell really believed in rewarding you for all your hard work with a higher personal commission. I plan on rewarding you with higher team overrides, more products to sell, and more ways to earn. Janell wasn’t wrong, you all deserve so much! 

All Ambassadors will start out as Senior Managers and will be paid as Senor Managers the first two months. Senior Managers receive 25% commission on personal sales, 5% on level one, and 5% on level two. This will change to 4% on level two after the first two months. To continue as a Senior Manager, you will need at least two personally sponsored, $75 PSV, and $500 TSV.

At every rank you will have the opportunity to be paid an additional bonus on your personal sales when you have at least $250 PSV

$250 PSV – 2% bonus 

$500 PSV – 3% bonus

$1200 PSV – 4% bonus

These are not cumulative. You will only receive the bonus that you qualify for.

There are no minimum monthly quotas. All you need to do to be active is pay your $9.95 fee every month!

If you have less than $75 PSV or no team, you will earn a 20% commission and be paid as an Ambassador. This is our starting rank and for those people who love a discount. 

Remember, as long as you stay active, and you were with GeoBlends before March 22, you will have the title of Senior Manager. You will have a new start at the beginning of each month to qualify for a higher paid as title!

Instant and Deferred Commission

Instant commission is when it is automatically paid to you. You will receive instant commission when you place any Ambassador placed order through your back office. You will have the ability to pay for Party Orders to receive instant commission. You will also receive instant commission on your personal/business orders.

Deferred commission is when you have to wait to be paid. The payments will take place the following month. All Customer paid orders will make you eligible for deferred commission.

All website orders will be eligible for PSV paid on the sub-total of the order (minus shipping, tax, and discounts.) All back office orders will have PSV paid at 75% of the retail price due to FTC regulations stating those most volume is required to come from customers.

Fast Track Bonus

This is what really gets me excited! I wanted to reward those of you who work your business AND enroll new sponsors!

When you qualify as a manager or higher, you will get a matching bonus!

For the first full month, when the new Ambassador’s PSV is $250 or higher, he/she will receive a Business Pack.

For the second month, when the new Ambassador’s PSV is $500 or higher, he/she will receive a 5% bonus. You will receive a 5% bonus on the new sponsors PSV when you are a manager or higher too!!

For the third month, when the Ambassador’s PSV is $500 or more, he/she will receive a Party Pack.

The Business Pack consists of:

  • 10 Order Forms
  • 2 Full Size Products
  • 30 samples
The Party Pack consists of:
  • 10 Order Forms
  • 2 Full Size Products
  • 50 samples
  • 10 invitations

More Commission and Bonuses

I know this can all get quite overwhelming. I plan on releasing a little bit at a time and go over things. Just know that the higher level you receive, the more personal commission you receive and you will get more team overrides. Once you qualify as a leader, you will open up a whole new level of bonuses! . 

Back Office with a Party Portal

The back office is what you all have deserved from the beginning of GeoBlends. I am sorry that it took me so long to find it!

This back office is AMAZING! You won’t need to re-submit payment information or sign up all over again. I will add all of you to make it as seamless as possible. On March 22, when you wake up, you will be able to login, get your personal website links (they are changing), and look around.

You will be able to see the following and more:

  • How many people are on your team and their contact information
  • Your customers and their orders (customers from the old back office will not be available, but all new customers will show)
  • Your commission
  • Personal and team sales volume (The guesswork is gone!)
  • Sales vs volume
  • Commissionable vs non-commissionable products

You will receive an email for every new Ambassador who signs up and every customer order. 

The Party Portal is pretty amazing. You will see what you need to do to qualify a hostess for hostess rewards, you will easily be able to order hostess exclusive offers with one click, and you will be able to choose which products your hostess wants for a hostess reward. You will be able to offer partial payments (two different credit cards!)

You can choose to ship to hostess, customers, or both.

Enrollment Kit

Beginning March 22nd, there will be a required kit for enrollment. This kit will also be available to you for one week from that date!

The Enrollment Kit:

  • 6 Travel Size Balms (.5 oz each)
  • 2 Lip Scrubs
  • 2 Shampoo Bars
  • 1 Tension Formula Roll-on
  • 1 S.O.S. Foot Soak
  • 1 Unscented Body Butter
  • 10 Order Form
Retails over $120
Buy for $49, plus $9.95 website fee and shipping (and tax in New York)

The sign-up process appears to be easy. I signed up a few test users and it consists of choosing a starter kit, entering the required information, and then you are done. 

When someone signs up, they are automatically entered as a user on the website as well, so there will not be as much confusion remembering two usernames and passwords. 

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