When it comes to CBD products, otherwise known as cannabidiol, there are several misconceptions as to what this alternative remedy is and how it can help reduce stress, anxiety, and relieve pain along with a host of other ailments. Here are five of the most common myths surrounding CBD.

Myth – You Can Get High From CBD Products

The most common myth to do with CBD products is that ingesting CBD will give you a high similar to taking or smoking marijuana or cannabis. This is quite simply not true. Cannabidiol does not contain any psychoactive properties; therefore, it is impossible to experience a high from using it either as a supplement or as an oil. Extracting CBD removes the compound THC (otherwise known as tetrahydrocannabinol), which is the main psychoactive ingredient found in cannabis. As there is no THC present in CBD products, you can feel safe and reassured that they are perfectly safe. Moreover, as there are no psychoactive ingredients in CBD whatsoever, you can also feel reassured that they are perfectly legal. This also means you can be confident too that CBD products are not addictive either. 

Myth – There Is No Scientific Evidence To Support The Use of CBD 

Although the use of CBD products and their prevalence in health and wellness stores is a fairly new concept, that doesn’t mean that there is no research or scientific evidence behind the use of these products. The FDA’s substantial research into the use of CBD as a treatment for complex seizure disorders, as well as the positive effect it can have on those experiencing certain types of epilepsy. Dravet Syndrome and Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome are two of the main types of epilepsy that CBD has been proven to help with. It has been shown to reduce the number of seizures a person experiences and their severity. As CBD acts as an inhibitor, which is how it helps to reduce anxiety and pain, there is also developing research to suggest that CBD may be able to help with addiction.  

Myth – All CBD Products Are The Same 

This is not true. CBD is available in several different formats and some different strengths, too, so it is essential to know what dosage you are looking to take before choosing your CBD product. Like most alternative medicine, CBD comes in oils, capsule supplements, topical creams, and edible options such as gummies and brownies. You can even choose to vape with CBD, too, if this is an option you prefer. If you have not used CBD before, it is recommended to start with a low dosage and build your way up to see how your body reacts to the potency. As all bodies are different, it is hard to know exactly how yours will respond to CBD, so slowly but surely is the best way to go. It is good to try a dose such as 1 or 2mg to begin with, building up gradually to a much heavier dose in time, with some CBD supplements containing up to 50mg. CBD oils tend to come in 300mg, 600mg, and 1000mg doses, so again, take the time to decide which option is the best for you by building it up slowly. 

Myth – The CBD Industry Isn’t Regulated Enough

CBD has such a close association with marijuana as both are from the same plant, the cannabis plant, it can be a worry for some that perhaps using CBD products might be a little sketchy. As with any supplement you wish to include in your regimen, the key is to do your research first and only purchase from a reputable brand. As CBD’s use continues to increase, it is now easier than ever to jump online and check out reviews of CBD products, as well as see what the company themselves are advising about the product. All companies should make it clear that they are not selling a medical product, but rather an alternative that does not carry the same promises as other traditional medicine forms. 

Myth – CBD Products Have No Effect

As with many alternative medicines, it can take longer sometimes to be effective than taking a more traditional over the counter pill. The best way to use a CBD product is to allow for a week or two before expecting to experience any effect. Moreover, it is crucial to keep in mind your expectations when using CBD. Although some companies promise that CBD can treat life-changing conditions such as cancer, research has shown that this is not true. The best conditions to try and alleviate through the use of CBD are everyday anxiety and stress, difficulty sleeping, or alleviating mild symptoms of pain. This, however, does not mean that CBD products have no effect, and many have found them to be a great additional supplement to help with the everyday pressures and stressors of life.

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