5 Little Tricks To Achieve The Best Results In Your Dry Skincare Routine.


I know.

You have probably read about tens or hundreds of articles on this particular topic, Dry Skincare Routine.

So, what’s so special about this particular post?

Well, I understand that your time is precious. Therefore, this post will help you save the time you spend reading tens of posts with no clear meaning.

Today, I’ll share my tried and tested tricks to achieve the smoothest and most nourished skin.

I will also share with you some products that will help you achieve that.

So without further ado, let’s get started. 

Basic/Beginner’s Skincare Routine For Dry Skin

Before we dive into the little tricks & tips, I want you to understand something.

These tips and tricks will help you achieve the best results if you follow all the basic steps involved in skincare. 

So, let’s discuss all the basic steps involved in the Skincare Routine of a Dry Skin person.

Remember, these steps can also be followed to get rid of anti-aging, and dark spots at home. 

  1. Cleansing-

The best cleansers for dry skin will be the ones formulated without any added fragrance or chemicals.

Dry skin can quickly get irritated, so it’s always safe to go for chemical-free products.

Milk Face wash works the best for Dry Skin. 

  1. Toning-

Toning is something one often skips out from their skincare routine.

Add a Toner to your shopping cart if you want to get rid of the flakiness, itchiness, and dryness.

Using a toner will balance your pH level and remove all the impurities and dirt left on your skin.

  1. Moisturizing-

After toning comes using a moisturizer. 

Use a cream-based moisturizer for dry skin that will ensure that your skin gets proper nourishment without oiliness.

nsure that your skin gets proper nourishment without oiliness.

  1. Serum-

Using a serum will help you get rid of any skin problems you might be facing.

Using a serum can help you target specific skin issues like acne, blackheads, whiteheads, etc.\

A serum with Vitamin E as its main element can give your skin the glow and health that it needs.

  1. Sunscreen-

I get this question a lot of times.

“If I’m not getting out in the sun, why should I apply sunscreen?”

The answer is yes. You should apply your sunscreen even if you are not getting out in the sun.

You might not be outdoors, but the sunlight from your room window or balcony can cause the same amount of skin damage.

These are the five basic steps you need in your skincare regime to have healthy and nourished skin.

Now, let’s see what additional yet oh-so-simple steps you need to take to make your skincare top-notch!

5 Little Tricks To Take Your Skincare to the Next Level:-

We often forget that taking care of your lips is an important step in your day or night skincare routine.

So today, we will tell you how you can take care of your lips easily. 

Let’s see the tips that you can include in your skincare routine to make it the best skincare routine for dry skin.

  1. Exfoliation & Mask-

While Exfoliating, we often ignore our lips.

Our lips need that care and moisturization the same way our skin does.

It would help make sure that the scrub you are using is not very harsh yet effective.

Use our Japanese Cherry Blossom Exfoliating Sugar Scrub to remove all the impurities and dead skin cells without chemicals or added preservatives. 

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To read more about exfoliating lips, click here.

  1. Lip Scrub-

Using a lip scrub comes second after exfoliating.

This scrub will make your lips feel smooth and soft.

A lip scrub can be included in your night care skin routine for dry skin.

Try our Cherry Lip Scrub to get the same effects on your lips. Our customers love it and have great things to say about it.

To know how you can achieve soft, and kissable lips click here

  1. Lip Balm-

Applying a lip balm will help you lock away the moisture that your lips are lacking.

Trust me, your perfect makeup look or skin won’t be complete without your lips looking beautiful. 

Give our Cupcake Flavour Lip Balm a try.

You will find your lips feeling soft and supple from the first try.

  1. Body Lotion-

Then comes our body lotion. 

When your skin feels like silk, it automatically gives you the confidence to rock your party dress.

We have a subscription body butter that we offer at a discount. 

So, make sure you subscribe to our weekly newsletter to get all the latest tips, and tricks delivered right in your inbox. 

To know more about our body butter, click here

  1. Makeup Remover-

You cannot ignore the importance of a makeup remover.

After using makeup, including this in your daily skincare routine will ensure that your skin is free of any makeup.

Use this in your nighttime skincare routine before applying cleansers.

Just take a dab on cotton, and rub it all across your skin. You will feel refreshed, and your skin will feel fresh as well.

Our All Natural Makeup Remover will remove all traces of makeup from your skin in just a swipe.

Let me be honest here. No one likes to read the same thing again and again.

Implementing whatever they have read time and again without seeing any results.

We at GeoBlends don’t stand for it.

We don’t stand for trying something without getting any results.

That’s why we deliver the best products to you that yield results.

You can purchase all of these products here at Geoblends.


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